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Oil & Gas integrated logistics solutions
Oil and Gas logistics services - MEDSERV
Our oil and gas integrated logistics solutions include but are not limited to:
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Bunkering and Potable Water
Bunkering and Potable Water is available at all our bases and can be delivered direct to our quays or by barge. We provide potable water by trailer. Drilling water is similarly provided.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Petroleum products & specialised services
Petroleum products and specialised services

These include:
  • Inspection of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Bunker surveys
  • Hot work and cold work permits
  • Gas testing and certification of confined spaces

Medserv is now able to offer independent, petroleum products, quality and quantity surveying. This service also extends to the provision of emergency hot work permits and gas free certification which is in line with Maltese legislation, conforms with ISPS regulations and is compliant with health and safety as well as port regulations.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Warehousing & Yard Storage
Medserv offers warehousing and yard storage as well as repair facilities. Our storage facilities are flexible and can be arranged to suit individual project requirements, including dust free areas.

Our warehouses are accessible via wide doors, offer plenty of headroom and are capable of taking special cargo. Our open laydown areas are used for storage of tubulars, bulky equipment and pipe inspection. This area is also used for the assembly of outbound cargo, unstuffing of inbound containers, and general storage of standby materials and other works and repairs.

Our facilities are fitted with electricity and fire protection systems. Fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, oil spill kits, eye wash stations as well as all necessary safety signage are provided to international standards.

At Medserv we also maintain a comprehensive list of local qualified subcontractors able to carry out any additional and necessary repairs and modifications to equipment.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Office Space & Equipment
We are also able to offer our clients office space or mobile office units. All our offices are fully furnished and have all the office equipment and facilities one would expect in a modern office environment.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Dedicated Quay
Our quay facilities are geared to facilitate the prompt and efficient turnaround of supply vessels.

We operate on a 24/7 x 365 days a year basis and are able to combine clients loading/unloading requests with efficient administrative procedures for vessel port entry/exits manifests, crew change etc.

Resources such as quayside mobile heavy-lift craneage and skilled manpower teams are readily available at short notice.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Non Destructive Testing Services
Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Services

At Medserv we can provide skilled and experienced technicians who are able to perform NDE techniques, typically used to assess the quality of weld works and any fabrication works where structural integrity is critical. Certificates are issued after inspection. The typical techniques utilised include:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT), including weld integrity inspection and thickness gauging
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Vessel Fabrication, Repair & Structural Maintenance
Vessel Fabrication, Repair and Structural Maintenance Services

Due to the increased activity and presence of drilling vessels in the region, Medserv is now also able to provide Vessel Repair, Fabrication and Maintenance Services. These services are supplied through Medserv Malta base.

During our 37 years of operating in the logistical support sector a number of fabrication projects have taken place at Medserv’s facilities. These include:

  • Fabrication of pipe spools for Technip,
  • Various Fabrication works for the gas utilisation projects for Saipem,
  • Refurbishment works on the African Queen jack up rig,
  • Fabrication and repair works on the African Installer accommodation barge,
  • Fabrication works for the Aquila project for Saipem.
Malta’s moderate climate with very mild winters makes it ideal for external Fabrication making it an all year round facility. Besides being a 24x7x365 facility allowing us to cater to extremely tight deadlines, our premises in Malta also houses a dedicated fabrication and maintenance workshop.

We also work in conjunction with experienced local fabricators thus allowing us to offer our clients top facilities and all the experience required. Jobs carried out at the base include the manufacturing of high specification boat-landing structures and gangways. In addition to this, Medserv is able to provide the expertise necessary to perform maintenance jobs on the riser & drill pipe technology, normally associated with the Oil and Gas drilling industry.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
24x7 Security
Our bases are manned by security 24x7
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Cargo Transportation Units
We are able to provide our clients with specialized container units to transfer customer’s drilling tools, equipment, or consumable materials. These units are an essential item of all offshore operations as materials must be containerized in order to conform with international HSE standards.

Recertification is carried out on annual basis. Units available include mini containers, half heights of various sizes, skips, open top containers, etc.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Mud Plant
Medserv operates fully equipped bulk plant facilities for the cutting of and storage of cement, barite and bentonite.

In accordance with our quality procedures, our tanks are thoroughly cleaned after each operation and can be accessed for inspection. Additional Bulk Storage can also be provided upon request.

All Plants are operated by experienced personnel, who are responsible for the whole phase of the operation from cutting of bags to mixing and loading onto supply vessels.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Shipping Freight Clearance & Agency Services
Medserv's Shipping and Freight Clearance Departments provide a full customs clearance and freight collecting service. Through our Ships Agency unit and partner network we can carry out all vessel clearance, customs and immigration formalities, procurement of ship supplies, customs and immigration clearance, visas, crew changes and general ship handling. Due to the fact that we are a fully licensed Freeport Company, customs formalities are minimal and simplified.
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