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Medserv awarded with the NCPE Equality Mark for a further 3 years
In the past months Medserv`s HR department in Malta was being audited by NCPE in relation to Equality Practices within the organisation. Following this process Medserv Operations has been certified for another period of 3 years with the Equality Mark.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Medserv to seek opportunities in South America with Suriname Contract
Medserv plans to put out feelers out for other oil producers in the area which may be interested in its services, according to CEO Karl Bartolo.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Medserv ramps up operations in Suriname
The first delivery of a conductor pipe from Houston was received into the new Medserv Suriname Integrated Logistics Base last week.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Medserv invests in further training for staff at Amreya Base, Egypt
In line with its corporate procedures Medserv Egypt embarked on an ongoing training program for all its personnel, which in total exceed 100 operational people.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Karl Bartolo, CEO of Medserv, shares his tips for expanding overseas
Expanding overseas is not a decision to be taken lightly. A detailed evaluation needs to be undertaken. In your evaluation I would recommend you start by carrying out a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis of operating in this new country.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Meserv Cyprus employee wins Exxonmobil Gold Global Catch of the week award.
Medserv Cyprus currently operates an integrated supply base in Limassol, Cyprus for ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Cyprus (Offshore) Ltd (EMEPCOL) who are undertaking exploration drilling operations in Block 10, offshore Cyprus.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Medserv’s expanding geographical presence
On November 20, Medserv plc issued a surprising announcement informing the market that it was awarded a new substantial contract in South America. The major surprising factor was that in previous announcements and meetings with financial analysts, Medserv had never indicated that it was tendering for works in South America but was rather focusing on its current business pipeline and seeking additional contracts in Africa and the Middle East.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Medserv announce award of major contract in South America
Medserv have announced that the Company has been awarded a shore base contract valued at $30.6 million in a new geographical market. The contract is for a period of fifteen months commencing 1 January 2019, providing nearshore logistics support to Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
BP expects to start exploration in Libya with Eni in Q1 -Dudley
BP expects to begin exploration with Italian oil major Eni in Libya in the first quarter of next year, CEO Bob Dudley told Reuters on Thursday.
Oilfield support services - Medserv Energy
Eni buying BP’s stake in Libyan blocks
Italian oil company Eni has agreed to acquire a 42.5% interest in the BP-operated exploration and production sharing agreement (EPSA) in Libya, as part of a deal signed on Monday that will see the two oil companies resume exploration works in Libya.
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