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Medserv Plc has been named as the 2016 Malta Stock Exchange Company of the Year.

Medserv is pleased to have received the award for the Malta Stock Exchange Company of the Year for 2016. The award was announced during the annual Stock Exchange dinner held in late November, where Mr Joseph Portelli, Chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange, presented the award to the Company's Chairman, Mr Anthony Diacono.

The Company of the Year Award was presented to Medserv plc in acknowledgment of its financial results as well as a positive corporate social responsibility and corporate governance culture. 

In his speech, Mr. Joseph Portelli, Chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange said “The Malta Stock Exchange analysed the full year results of 23 companies listed on the MSE for the year 2015 and the first half of 2016. The Board selected for Company of the Year a company whose growth metric for 2015 was, to say the least, very impressive.  Revenue growth of 35%, Earnings per share growth of 94%. Return on equity of 41% - and all of this in a challenging market environment. Medserv is also the only listed company to engage an outside research firm at a considerable expense to carry out independent analysis of its future prospects. This is something all shareholders should appreciate and we would like to see more companies do”.

“At Medserv we have always advocated the importance of transparency and appreciate the value of providing our shareholders and the market in general with information and the visibility they require. The engagement of a reputed, independent analyst such as Edison is another step to reinforce our commitment to the market” said Mr Anthony Diacono, Chairman at Medserv plc. “We couldn’t be prouder that the Malta Stock Exchange has bestowed this award on us, especially in such times where the environment in the oil and gas market is challenging. Our strategy to continue to reinvest and diversify even in challenging circumstances has seen the company grow from strength to strength and this award supports our philosophy”

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