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Former Prime Minister and MEP, Dr Alfred Sant visits Medserv HQ.

As MEPS prepare for MEP election, Dr Sant visited Medserv’s Head Office at the Malta Freeport to discuss current issues and gain a clearer understanding of how he can assist Maltese businesses. After touring the Malta base and meeting with management and staff, Dr Sant had the opportunity to sit with, the Medserv Senior Corporate Management, led by Chairman Anthony Diacono, to discuss issues facing the oil and gas industry and Geo Political issues that affect Medserv when EU takes positions globally, eurozone proposals challenging the use of the US dollar whilst promoting the euro in the oil business, dollar payment issues, as well as International sanctions and the effect on business. During the meeting, Dr. Sant and Medserv`s Senior Corporate Management team also underlined the importance of European efforts to secure political stability and security in Libya whilst emphasising the need to further strengthen the already friendly relations between Libya and Malta.

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