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Let's Make Cyprus Green

Apart from many other initiatives that Medserv has undertaken so far this year, we also formed a partnership with a local Cypriot company called ‘Let’s Make Cyprus Green’. After many meetings we decided that our considerable resources would be best put to use by participating in a ‘Beach Clean Up Event’. Let’s Make Cyprus Green suggested that we choose a site close to the port where Medserv operates. Karnagio beach was identified, a location very close to the port. 

The weather wasn’t kind to us on the day, but this didn’t deter the team from giving 100% to the cause. We removed an enormous amount of waste from the beach, some 700kg in total, which could have caused untold permanent damage. All of this waste was processed free of charge by our partners at IESC, who ably assisted the Medserv team during the clean-up.  

The Medserv relationship with Lets Make Cyprus Green didn’t stop there, we invited the team into the port to deliver a presentation on how to improve the way we operate, and the way we all treat waste, both on site and in our homes. Other initiatives such as removing single use cups and replacing them with reusable water bottles and reusable cups along with a strict recycling regime have all gone towards Medserv Cyprus contributing to the global effort to improve our environment. 
We are planning to continue our work with Lets Make Cyprus Green in the very near future. 

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