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Medserv plc support Puttinu’s latest project

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Around 55 families from the Maltese Islands travel for treatment in 40 different hospitals in UK each month.   These patients spend weeks, months and even years abroad having treatment.  Touted ‘the London Project’,  Puttinu cares has embarked on a venture to provide free accommodation for these families to try and support them during these difficult times.

 “We have a dream,” said Andrew Decelis, spokesperson for Puttinu Cares, “That there will come a day when no patient will have to pay for accommodation when they need to go abroad for treatment.  We are half way there to making this dream a reality since at present, Puttinu Cares owns 16 apartments near the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton which hundreds of families make use of free of charge.”

The sole intention is that of easing the hard experience, and providing both financial relief by way of free accommodation as well as support and basic creature comforts needed. To this effect a system that allows the families to view local Maltese TV stations has recently been installed in these apartments. Medserv plc have come on board to support the project by sponsoring this initiative.

“We are happy to support Puttinu Cares and the work they are doing to assist so many Maltese families. This project in particular is close to home having spent some time in Royal Marsden hospital myself. We commend Puttinu Cares for their work and encourage the general public to continue to support the Foundation.” said Mr Anthony Duncan, Director at Medserv plc

The Sutton project entailed an investment of €3.4 million which was envisaged to be paid over ten years. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the public, the Foundation managed to settle payment in fill in just three years. This has led the Foundation to consider a new project for other apartments in central London close to other hospitals.

In central London, the majority of patients go the Great Ormond which caters mainly for children, as well as National and Moorefields Hospitals which lie in Zone 1. The aim is to move around 15 miles away from the central London by bus or train.  Puttinu Cares is looking at places around Putney, Clapham Junction or Battersea within reach of main line stations and calculate that to solve the problem of accommodation for the Maltese population they need around 20 studio apartments in all.