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Medserv Plc supporting the Alive Charity Foundation

Medserv plc are supporting the ALIVE Charity Foundation, which is the first charity foundation to raise funds for medical research in Malta.  

In their first 4 years of operation they have donated over €365,000 towards Cancer Research and Cancer Care.   The sponsored research has already resulted in ground-breaking discoveries which have enabled more efficient identification of cancers in order to provide targeted treatment.  ALIVE is now funding treatment research which is leading to more effective and sustainable cancer treatment.  Funds from the first 2 years were directed towards Breast Cancer Research, whilst the funds from the last 2 years have been directed towards Children’s Cancer Research.  The funds raised by ALIVE mainly go towards the human element of research, such as funding PhD research scholarships, as well as funding new and ongoing research.

The RE/MAX ALIVE 2017 Cycling challenge for Cancer will consist of 60 cyclists participating in a cycling challenge between the 7th and 16th July 2017.  The group will cycle from Copenhagen in Denmark, to Warsaw in Poland, passing through Berlin in Germany.  The distance of about 1100km, will be covered in 7 days of cycling covering approximately 165 km every day.  

This is the 5th ALIVE Challenge but it is the first one to include both Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes.  There will be two parallel routes, one for Mountain Bikes which will include more trails, and another for Road Bikes that will be slightly longer but on asphalted surfaces.

Donations can be done online at
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