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Medserv ramps up operations in Suriname

The first delivery of a conductor pipe from Houston was received into the new Medserv Suriname Integrated Logistics Base last week.

Congratulations to Phil Smith, Tom Toner and the team for achieving such a remarkable job in such a short timescale. The Medserv team commenced preparations for the Base on 8th January 2019 and, using the Base in a Box © program developed by Medserv, the base and pipe racks were ready to receive cargo on 24 January – only 16 days from the start of mobilisation - a fantastic achievement.

The Medserv operations were carried out in a well planned and well executed manner, each team member had been trained and knew what to do through the use of tool box talks, TBRAs and a detailed Lift Plan. Medserv enforced a “no hands no feet” policy from the get go, which meant that no one was to touch or push pipe into position, nor were they permitted to walk on top or work on the pipe rows. Medserv used tag lines and Push Pull Sticks to accurately land and align the pipes on the racks.



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