Engineering & Technical Services
total tubular management - Medserv Energy
Corrosion Protection - We offer a re-useable polymeric resin system to protect vital flanges, valves and connections. Applied in the fluid state, this unique coating acts as passive protection, encapsulating the part and eliminating the ingress of water, air, humidity, and suspended particles. The flexible coating allows for easy removal for inspection without special tools and the coating is 100% re-useable for re-application during scheduled maintenance.
Fabric Maintenance - We provide a flexible one-stop shop for topside maintenance projects. We provide a fully managed service covering technical assessment, site preparation and access, equipment and management expertise to complete fabric maintenance projects safely.
Rig Repair and Maintenance - From our bases across the globe, MedservRegis provides a comprehensive range of services for the inspection, repair, upgrade and refurbishment of drilling rigs, support vessels and other marine assets.
Riser Inspections and Repairs - From storage through inspection, repair and refurbishment, we offer unique locations, high quality service, unmatched expertise and tremendous value for marine riser needs. Drill string inspection and refurbishment is also available.
General Fabrication - We provide vessel repair, general fabrication and maintenance services to the fleet of rigs and vessels operating in the industry.
Technical Services - Clients look to us to deliver complex logistics and engineering operations in challenging locations around the world. As the Client’s single point of contact, our project managers integrate the activities of contractors, subcontractors and service providers, often from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the overall program. As the project manager, MedservRegis integrates the activities of the design, planning, procurement, and delivery functions to meet your expectations.
Drawing from our experience with a range of international structural design codes, offshore industry specific and certification authority standards and practices, we are ablet to deliver sound structural engineering analyses to satisfy our clients requirements.
Manpower Supply - We provide a full range of manpower and supervision for oil & gas activities. Our personnel are fully trained and certified and undergo specialised training for offshore working.
Procurement - MedservRegis has a portfolio of supplies of Oil and Gas related materials. This venture is done through partnerships with reputable manufacturers and distributors.
Inspection and Testing Services - We provide skilled and experienced technicians who are able to perform NDE techniques, typically used to assess the quality of weld works and any fabrication works where structural integrity is critical. Certificates are issued after inspection.
A regional leader in offshore logistics services for Oil and Gas, the Group is present in 12 countries across 4 continents. With over 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide services to some of the largest leading oil and gas companies and National and International Oil Corporations. Links Follow us: