total tubular management - Medserv Energy
Edison Investment Research

Edison publish executive interview with Anthony Diacono, the Group's executive chairman and CEO. In this interview he discusses Medserv’s unique position and the successes delivered during a very challenging period for the sector.
Medserv has appointed Edison Investment Research to carry out analytical investment research on the Company. This will be in the form of periodic reports which will be made available to the general public and may be viewed here.
These reports will be compiled by Edison solely on the basis of information already in the public arena. Any forward looking statements and projections contained therein reflect solely the views of Edison themselves.
Edison connects companies and investors around the globe and has a client base that stretches worldwide. Their client Base covers over 400 different corporate clients sitting within 10 different areas of sector specialisation and Edison provides them with a range of services including equity research, non-deal roadshows, commercial due diligence, perception audits and Edison TV executive interviews. Edison also works with many of the world’s largest asset managers to provide them with investment ideas and specialised advice.
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