total tubular management - Medserv Energy
Financial Statements 
Company Announcements
291Extraordinary General Meeting 26.05.23
290 Outcome of the resolutions proposed to the AGM26.05.23 
289Approval of Annual Financial statements
288 Date of Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting
287Award of Exploration Activity Offshore Morocco
286Contract Award for Medserv Cyprus Limited  23.01.23
285Redemption of 2023 6% Secured Notes & Security Relating to the 2029 5% Secured Bonds
284Contract Award Uganda  11.01.23 
283 Allocation Policy
282 Notice of Early Redemption of 6% Secured Notes 2023 07.12.22
 281  €13million Bond Issue 07.12.22
280Material Contract Award for Middle East Tubular Services (Iraq) Ltd  16.11.22
279 Interim Report11.11.22
 278  Updated Financial Analysis Summary11.11.22 
277 Regulatory Approval of Prospectus10.11.22
276Application for Admissibility to Listing of New Bonds02.11.22 
275 Composition of Audit Committee02.11.22 
274 Appointment of Finance Director20.10.22
273Bond Partial Redemption13.10.22
272 TOTALENERGIES E.P. Cyprus B.V. Contract Extension 03.10.22
271 Partial Early Redemption  30.08.2022
270 Half Yearly Report 26.08.2022
269 Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report
268 ENI Cyprus Contract Extension 03.08.2022
267Contract Award by EMEPCOL 29.07.2022
266 29.07.2022
265Updated Financial Analysis Summary26.07.2022
264New Bond Issue & Early Redemption26.07.2022 
263Approval of Annual Financial Statements 16.06.2022 
262Scheduling of Board Meeting and Scheduling of Annual General Meeting 18.05.2022 
 261 Approval of Guarantor Annual Financial Statements 29.04.2022
260Interim Report29.04.2022 
 259Delay of Publication of the Annual Financial Report 14.04.2022 
258Tender for the Provision of Independent External Audit Services 14.03.2022 
257Unsecured Euro and USD Bonds Record Date 02.02.2022  
256 Contract Award by Dubai Petroleum04.01.2022 
255 Interim Report29.11.2021 
254 Resignation of Senior Officer29.11.2021 
253 Notification of Major Holdings12.11.2021
252 Listing of Additional Shares
251 Co-Option of Director26.10.2021 
250 Half Yearly Report30.08.2021 
249 Appointment of Chief HSSEQ Officer 25.08.2021
248 Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report17.08.2021
247Transfer by Major Shareholders
246Updated Financial Analysis Summary 28.06.2021
245Changes to Senior Officers and Directors25.06.2021
244Completion of Share for Share Exchange25.06.2021
243 Correction to Announcement 242/2021
242Notification of Major Holdings
241Outcome of the resolutions proposed to the AGM 11.06.2021
240Information to the market04.06.2021
239Award of Integrated Facility Management Service Contract 27.05.2021 
238 Interim Report27.05.2021 
237Approval of Annual Financial Statements - Medserv Operations Limited30.04.2021 
236Approval of Annual Financial Statements - Medserv Operations
235 Approval of Annual Financial Statements - Medserv plc
234 Share for Share Exchange Regis Holdings Limited12.04.2021 
233Award of contract 2021 - 2024
232Correction – Co Ann 231/2021 01.04.2021
231   Date of Board Meeting to Approve Annual Financial Statements  01.04.2021 
230Award of Gas Production Projects - Egypt
229 Exxon Contract Extension12.01.2021
228  Appointment of Senior Officers 22.12.2020
227Interim Report 27.11.2020
226Contract Award by OMV of Libya Limited
225Contract Award by Tenaris Global Services S.A. – Abu Dhabi
224Contract Award by ENI North Africa
223Contract Extension – Egypt 07.09.2020
222Half Yearly Report28.08.2020 
221Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report
220Outcome of the resolutions proposed to the AGM & Changes to the Board of Directors
219Updated Financial Analysis Summary
218Notification of Major Holdings
217Air Liquide
216   Retirement of Group Strategic Development Officer
215Annual General Meeting
214Notification of Major Holdings
213Extension of Publication of Financial Analysis Summary
212  Approval of Guarantor Financial Statements
211Errata Corrige – Guarantor Annual Financial Statements
210   Errata Corrige - Annual Financial Statements
209Interim Report30.05.2020 
208   Delay - Guarantor Financial Statements  30.05.2020
207   Approval of Annual Financial Statements   29/05.2020
206   Extension of Publication Date – Guarantor Financial Statements 24.04.2020 
205Termination of Conditional Framework Agreement 16.04.2020 
204Date of Board Meeting to Approve Annual Financial Statements
203COVID19 Update & Extension of Publication Deadline07.04.2020 
202Contract with Air Liquide23.03.2020 
201Covid-19 Update13.03.2020
200   Further Extension of Conditional Agreement06.03.2020 
199Extension of Conditional Agreement28.01.2020 
198  Interim Report   30.11.2019 
197Statements by Majority Shareholders and AMT 30.11.2019
196Conditional Agreement30.11.2019 
195   Update on Sale of Shares by Major Shareholders 01.11.2019 
194 Interim Report30.08.2019 
193 Resignation of Chief Human Resources Officer12.08.2019 
192Medserv Operations Limited – Financial Statements31.07.2019 
191 Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report18.07.2019 
190   Resignation of Director03.07.2019 
189 Provision of Logistics Base and Associated Services01.07.2019 
188Annual general Meeting 201927.05.2019 
187Interim Report 22.05.2019 
186Updated Financial Analysis Summary22.05.2019 
185Update on Sale of Shares by Major Shareholders20.05.2019 
184Errata Corrige - Annual Financial Statements
183   Approval of Annual Financial Statements30.04,2019 
182 Change in date of board meeting17.04.2019
181   Date of Board meeting to approve Financial Statements & forthcoming AGM28.03.2019 
180 Contract Extension 15.07.2019 
179Directors Interim Statement27.11.2018
178Award of Major Contract in South America20.11.2018 
177 Interim Report27.08.2018 
176Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report
175 Unsecured Euro and USD Bonds Record Date24.07.2018 
174 Additional Award for Shore Base Services in Cyprus25.06.2018 
173Errata Corrige – Company Announcement 172/201828.05.2018 
172 Outcome of the resolutions proposed at the AGM      28.05.2018 
171Updated Financial Summary11.05.2018
170Interim Report30.04.2018 
169Appointment of Senior Offices30.04.2018 
168 Major Shareholders’ Intention to Source Strategic Purchaser & Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information30.04.2018
167Approval of Annual Financial Statements30.04.2018 
166Rescheduling of Board of Directors Meeting   23.04.2018 
165Early Adoption of IFRS 15 and IFRS 1603.04.2018 
164Date of Board Meeting to approve Annual Financial Statements and forthcoming AGM27.03.2018 
163 Medserv breaks into new market23.01.2018 
162Director's Interim Report   22.11.2017 
161Half Yearly Report23.08.2017 
160Board meeting re half yearly report31.07.2017 
159Unsecured Euro & USD Bonds Record Date18.07.2017
158Medserv Cyprus: Contract Extension13.07.2017 
157Outcome of the resolutions proposed to the Annual General Meeting31.05.2017 
156 Directors' Interim Report22.04.2017 
155  Approval of Annual Financial Statements05.04.2017 
154 Date of Board meeting to approve financial statements02.03.2017 
153 Contract award and update 27.02.2017 
152Unsecured Euro and USD Bonds Record Date18.01.2017
151Appointment of New Director03.01.2017 
150Award of Eni NA23.11.2016
149  Resignation of Director  22.11.2016 
148Directors' Interim Report  21.11.2016 
147 Medserv Cyprus07.10.2016 
146 Interim Financial Report26.08.2016 
145MDS Energy Portugal Unipessoal LDA
144 Renewal of Contracts01.08.2016
143 Management Restructuring26.07.2016 
142Board Meeting re Half Yearly Report13.07.2016 
141Co-option of Director04.07.2016
140Edison Investment Research10.06.2016 
139Outcome of the resolutions proposed to the Annual General Meeting30.05.2016 
138Award of Exploration Activity Offshore Portugal26.05.2016
137Updated FAS18.05.2016
136Medserv issues Interim Report18.05.2016
Announcement of Senior Officer22.03.2016 
134 Approval of Financial Statements 22.03.2016 
133 Date of Board Meeting to Approve Annual Financial Statements07.03.2016
132 Completion of Acquisition of METS Companies 23.02.2016 
131 Medserv (Cyprus) Ltd11.02.2016 
130Dual Issue – Closing of Lapsed Rights Offer02.02.2016 
129 Dual Issue - Rights Issue21.01.2016 
128 Dual Issue – Intermediaries Offer15.01.2016
127 Prospectus dated 21 December 2015 – Errata Corrige04.01.2016 
126 Admissibility to Listing of Dual Issue21.12.2015 
125 Application for Admissibility to Listing of Dual Issue & Listing and Commencement of Trading of Bonus Issue09.12.2015 
124Extraordinary General Meeting Held03.12.2015 
123Interim Directors' Statement18.11.2015 
122 Interim Dividend30.10.2015 
121 Extraordinary General Meeting Held12.10.2015
 120 Acquisition of the METS Group of Companies08.10.2015
119Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information16.09.2015
118 Approval of Half Yearly Report27.08.2015 
117 Date of Board Meeting to approve Interim Financial statements31.07.2015 
Annual General Meeting Held
115Updated Financial Analysis Summary15.05.2015 
Directors’ Interim Statement15.05.2015
Approval of Financial Statements
Award of Offshore Maintenance Contract
111Upcoming Annual General Meeting02.03.2015
110Announces date of board meeting to approve annual financial statements30.01.2015
109Directors' Interim Statement
108 Announces acquisition of shares beyond a threshold under LR 5.17621.10.2014
Merger of Series 1 Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 Notes
106 Approval of half yearly report and appointment of new director28.08.2014
105Announces date of board meeting to approve the interim financial statements31.07.2014
104Announces the outcome of the resolutions proposed to the annual general meeting15.05.2014
103Directors’ Interim Statement14.05.2014
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme07.05.2014
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme
99Appointment of new Senior Officers08.04.2014
98€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme08.04.2014
Corrigendum to Company Announcement 96/201401.04.2014
96Dividend Cut-Off Date
Approval of financial statements 201328.03.2014
94Announces the award of two new contracts
Announces date of board meeting to approve the annual financial statements14.03.2014
Announces the award of a new contract in Cyprus12.03,2014
Appointment of Director28.02.2014
Upcoming Annual General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting held
Directors’ Interim Statement19.11.2013
Extraordinary General Meeting31.10.2013
86Note Security17.10.2013
85Admission of Notes on Official List of Malta Stock Exchange14.10.2013
Successful Award of Exploration Well Offshore Malta01.10.2013
First Series/Tranche of Debt Issuance Programme - Allocation Policy
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme 02.09.2013
€20,000,000 Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme
79Authorisation for admissibility to listing of Notes in relation to a 12 month Secured and Guaranteed Debt Issuance Programme14.08.2013
Results of Tender Process18.07.2013
 77 Approval of half yearly report 15.07.2013
 76 Demise of Director 05.07.2013
75Board meeting to be held to approve the interim financial statements 04.07.2013
74Appointment of Company Secretary05.06.2013
73 Notification of Increased Shareholding03.06.2013 
72Interim Directors’ Statement17.05.2013 
71 Annual general meeting held25.04.2013 
70 Approval of financial statements 201221.03.2013
69 Board of Directors Meeting to be held04.03.2013
68 Upcoming Annual General Meeting20.02.2013 
67 Lease of Property05.12.2012 
66Interim Directors’ Statement14.11.2012 
65 Approval of half yearly report31.08.2012 
64 Board Meeting to be held to approve the interim financial statements10.08.2012
63 Interim Directors' Statement18.05.2012 
62Annual general meeting held27.04.2012
61Approval of financial statements21.03.2012
60Board of Directors meeting to be held24.02.2012
59Upcoming Annual General Meeting15.02.2012
58Declaration of Interim Dividend 16.11.2011 
57Interim Directors' Statement16.11.2011 
56Announces Board Meeting for the consideration, inter alia, of the declaration of an interim dividend 04.11.2011
55Information to maintain a fair market 27.09.2011 
54Information to maintain a fair market 16.09.2011 
53 Approval of half yearly report 30.08.2011 
52Board meeting to be held11.08.2011
51Interim Directors' Statement 18.05.2011 
50Annual general meeting held21.04.2011
49Financial statements for the year ended 31 December 201021.03.2011 
48Board meeting to be held07.03.2011 
47Information to maintain a fair market 25.02.2011 
46 Upcoming Annual General Meeting 02.02.2011 
45 Interim Directors' Statement 11.11.2010 
44Announcement regarding entry into of Memorandum of Understanding20.09.2010 
43 Approval of interim financial statements 30.08.2010 
42 Board meeting to be held to consider the approval of the interim financial statements19.08.2010 
41 Annual general meeting held19.05.2010 
40 Directors' Interim Statement17.05.2010 
39 Annual Financial Statements - Available to the Public30.04.2010
38 Approval of financial statements & Declaration of a Dividend 
37  Approval of Financial Statements & Declaration of a Dividend24.02.2010 
36 Directors' Interim Statement17.11.2009 
35 Interim Financial Statements June 200931.08.2009
34Board meeting to be held04.08.2009
33Appointment of Non-Executive Director29.07.2009 
32 Annual general meeting held21.05.2009 
31Interim Directors' Statement14.05.2009 
30 Financial Statements 31/12/2008 available for viewing
29 Approval of financial statements & Declaration of Dividend 25.03.2009 
28 Board meeting to be held17.02.2009
27 Appointment of Senior Officer07.01.2009 
26 Corrigendum - Appointment of Senior Officer07.01.2009 
25Interim Directors' Statement10.11.2008 
24Appointment of Senior Officer 30.10.2008 
23Amendment of the Interim Results27.08.2008
22Approval of the Interim results25.08.2008
21 Scheduled Board Meeting06.08.2008 
20 Interim Directors' Statement13.06.2008 
19Annual general meeting held30.04.2008
18  Audited Financial Statement available for viewing04.04.2008 
17 Approval of financial statements28.03.2008 
16Announcement of board meeting24.03.2008 
15Appointment of Senior Officers14.11.2007
14 Interim Directors' Statement13.11.2007
13Announces Appointment of Senior Officers of the Group13.11.2007 
12 Change in shareholding24.10.2007 
11Interim Financial Results for the period ended 30th June 200731.08.2007 
10 Board meeting to be held21.08.2007 
Audited Financial Statements available for viewing27.07.2007 
8Approval of Resolutions at Annual General Meeting04.06.2007 
Interim Directors' Report21.05.2007 
An updated preliminary Profit Statement30.03.2007 
Approval of financial statements for period ended 31 December 2006 and recommendation of dividend25.02.2007 
Board meeting to be held21.02.2007
Medserv Misurata F.Z.C has been submitted for registration with the Misurata Free Zone13.02.2007 
Memorandum of Understanding with Misurata Free Zone31.01.2007 
1Information to maintain a fair market13.11.2006


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