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AMS Group opens hub at Medserv Malta Base

AMS Global Group sets sail for the Mediterranean

Marine consulting and safety specialists AMS Global Group now offer its full range of services from within our Medserv base at the Malta Freeport as of 1st May.

The new hub will be co-located on Medserv Energy’s five-hectare site on the port.

Neil Carr, director of AMS Global Group, said: “This move will enable the company to service new and existing clients, particularly those operating in the Mediterranean and the Middle East via the Suez Canal.

“Our collaboration with Medserv at the Malta Freeport offers AMS Global Group a significant opportunity for global expansion.

“The strategic location offers AMS Global Group an ideal launchpad to deliver our trusted services to oil and gas clients wherever they might dock.”

Karl Bartolo, CEO at Medserv plc, said: “The AMS services complement our service lines here at Medserv and increase the service offering to our offshore energy clients.” 



AMS Global Group is a marine services specialist with a portfolio of services mainly aimed at the offshore energy industry.

AMS is a fast-growing company with a unique approach to building talent and services which involves bringing in highly experienced experts to head operational divisions. These include: AMS Bulk, AMS Cargo, AMS Marine Tech, AMS Safety and AMS Disinfection. The company was founded in 2012 and now employs over 40 members of staff in the UK. 



A regional leader in offshore logistics services for Oil and Gas, the Group is present in 12 countries across 4 continents. With over 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide services to some of the largest leading oil and gas companies and National and International Oil Corporations. Links Follow us: